The Touching Story of Angeline, the Untouchable

28 Jun

The Touching Story of Angeline, the Untouchable

Image of victim of leprosy in IndiaDespite the leprosy that has robbed her of so much, Angeline smiles because your support has given her purpose

The Touching Story of Angeline, the Untouchable

Discover how Angeline found love and faith in her leprosy community

Dear Family,

Meet Angeline, a joyful 70-year-old woman living in India. When Angeline was in her early twenties and newly married, she was diagnosed with leprosy. Sadly, as soon as her husband and family learned about her diagnosis, they considered her untouchable and expelled her from the family. They were afraid of the disease and the stigma surrounding it.

Angeline was left all alone, a young woman without any means to support herself. In search of medicine and treatment for the devastating effects of leprosy, she made her way to our partner’s leprosy camp. It was here that she discovered the gospel and found solace in Jesus as her Lord. Moreover, she experienced friendship and acceptance within this leprosy camp, and it has become her permanent home.

Thanks to your incredible support, Angeline now lives a joyful life surrounded by a loving community. Here, she receives nourishing food, essential medical care, and spiritual nourishment. Angeline has become a pillar of her community, offering guidance and mentorship to many others around her.

I want to express my deepest gratitude for your investment in Angeline and her powerful ministry. By contributing to Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry, you have not only helped Angeline but also touched the lives of countless others whom she inspires within her community.


Image of the director of the Leprosy Ministry

Rachel Reed
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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