“Beautiful lady, what do you do?”

07 Oct

“Beautiful lady, what do you do?”

An unlikely missionary couple

“Beautiful lady, what do you do?”

Preaching the gospel reaps a husband

Dear Friends,

Jesus told his disciples that they would become fishers of men. Little did Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Naw Mu Mu realize how true that would be one day when, as she was sharing the gospel in a remote village, the skies burst open and heavy rain began to fall. Naw dashed under the nearest roof for shelter.

Then, quite unexpectedly, she heard a voice from behind her calling out, “Beautiful lady, what do you do?” Looking behind, Naw saw a handsome young man. “I preach the gospel” she replied. Unfamiliar with the gospel, the young man asked if he could listen to her preach. Grateful for another opportunity to share the Good News, Naw Mu Mu proceeded to share about the God-man who had transformed her life.

The Holy Spirit penetrated the young man’s heart and he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. The pair eventually fell in love, and were married just a few weeks ago!

Naw and her husband live in a remote village along the Myanmar/Thailand border where opium farming is the main source of income. Many of the villagers are addicted to the drug, but are concerned that their children will likely grow up to become opium farmers if they don’t receive an education. So when Naw Mu Mu first arrived in the village as a school teacher, the villagers warmly welcomed her.

The village families follow a form of Buddhism and animism, so most know nothing about Jesus Christ. Naw skillfully teaches the young children using the Bible, and the children go home and share with their parents about Jesus, who then often approach Naw hungry to learn more.

Naw’s husband works as a carpenter and uses his skills to do repairs around the school and to build school furniture. On the weekends they hike to surrounding villages to share the gospel together. They’re quite a team!

Naw Mu Mu helping two of her young students with their studies

Mealtime inside the small schoolhouse

The young children are eager to learn

Parents gathered at the schoolhouse to learn more about Jesus

Thank you for backing missionaries like Naw Mu Mu. Her modest monthly support of only $100 enables her to do this ministry. Though you and I may not be able to travel to remote villages carrying the message of salvation, we’re privileged to be able to send very dedicated men and women in our place. Through Naw Mu Mu, her supporters in Colorado are helping reach remote Burmese villages with the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ. How awesome is that!

On their behalf,

Jody Walker
Director, National Missionary Fund

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