Busted and Broke, but a Bible…

12 Feb

Busted and Broke, but a Bible…

Busted and Broke, But a Bible…

How a Bible can change a life 

Caleb was a liar and a cheat. He went to church often but was living like a heathen. He would lie to members to get money so he could take care of the eight women he was sleeping with. But he could not care for his wife and children at home because all his money was going to these women. Our Farming God’s Way trainer and local pastor, Griffin, was called to Caleb’s home multiple times to settle disputes between him and his wife.

Caleb agreed to join a group of 12 men to be discipled by Griffin. After learning about salvation and baptism, Caleb decided to follow Christ and be baptized. He received a Bible thanks to your support of the Strategic Bibles Ministry at Heaven’s Family. He is now reading that Bible and discipling other men in the midweek fellowships. He has learned how to stay close to God, overcome challenges, and stay married.

A few weeks ago, Caleb shared a testimony with Griffin about the two areas he struggled with. The first was his unfaithfulness in marriage. He tried to leave the love affairs but to no avail. The second was lying to cover up that infidelity and lying to defraud people for money. Since being discipled and reading the Bible for himself, his appetite for women and lying has died off. Caleb is grateful to be freed from those burdens. And I am grateful that you put the Bible into the hands of men like Caleb, who could not afford it but desperately needed it. Thank you!

Grace and Peace,

Jerry Jefferson

Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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