Cooking in Kenya

Picture of Kenyan widow receiving her new stove
Here’s one joyous lady receiving her new stove thanks to your help

Cooking in Kenya

How you’ve made life better for widows in Africa

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for faithfully and diligently giving to the women we serve together here at the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry of Heaven’s Family!

You’ve recently helped purchase 20 stoves for some dear widows in Kenya. Most of the impoverished women we minister to cook outside, setting a pot on three stones and using wood they gather daily. It’s like having to go camping every day! They must gather more wood for each day, they can’t cook in the rain, and if they cook inside, they breathe a lot of smoke. Thus, respiratory problems are common in Kenya.

But thanks to your help, 20 blessed widows recently received a jiko. Jikos are stoves that are more efficient in that they use less firewood. They also have a chimney that can be placed through a window so they are essentially smokeless. And they come with a pot that lifts out. Not only will these women be blessed in these ways, but many of them will also use the stoves as deep fryers to fry up some tasty chips to sell on the street—providing a source of income to feed their children. Now you can see why they are so excited over their new stoves!

Thank you for showing these ladies the love of Jesus through your kindness and compassion.

Dossie Briggs
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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