Food for the Body and Soul

Leelamani in her home where she leads other widows in Bible study and worship

Food for the Body and Soul

Widowed Leelamani, 75, has known the love of Jesus through your gifts that provide food, medical care, clothing, and the truth of the gospel.

Dear Family,

For 20 years, Leelamani suffered in an extremely abusive situation with her alcoholic husband. He used to beat her physically, lock her outside of the house overnight, and deny her food for days. On many nights, Leelamani cried herself to sleep. She became depressed and hopeless.

After her husband died, Leelamani moved back to her mother’s house. But the pain and depression from her husband’s abusive treatment of her never went away, and her Hindu religious tradition offered no comfort.

One day, out of necessity, Leelamani ventured out to a local Christian church where she had heard that free food was available. She found our ministry partner sharing the Good News about Jesus and praying for the sick. Leelamani started coming back each month. Not only did she receive food, clothing, and medical care, but she heard about the one true God. Eventually, she believed. After placing her faith in Jesus, she received complete healing from her depression!

Today, because of your continued investment in the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry, Leelamani leads a widows’ fellowship in her home where 15 ladies gather regularly to study the Word and worship the Lord. Not only have you helped Leelamani and her mother, but more than 300 women like them receive food kits every month and hear how much Jesus loves them!

Dossie Briggs
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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