Treasures In The Trash

Treasures In The Trash

How you helped Miriam to move out of the dump 

Dear Family, 
Nestled between a concrete building and partially covered by some bare bushes was all that 50- year-old Miriam Wanjiko owned in this world: a backpack, miscellaneous clothing, a couple of water bottles, and some rags to sleep on. Bright pink fabric strategically attached to the building and a small gray tarp covered her belongings and separated Miriam from the dump site she lived in. This was her makeshift shelter, intended to protect her from the wind, rain, and hot daytime sun. 
How does one end up living in Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums with 2,500,000 people? Miriam had five children with a husband who then abandoned her for another wife. In some ways, the day he never came back was a blessing. He would beat her and even tried to stab her. Miriam considered committing suicide, but instead she turned to alcohol to numb the pain of abuse and betrayal. When she could no longer afford to meet her family’s daily needs and had nowhere else to turn, she “moved” her family to the dump. (Three of Miriam’s children are married, but two still live with her.) There she found other women eking out their survival by picking through the trash. 
As divine providence would have it, our ministry partners found Miriam while evangelizing in the dump earlier this year. They gave her some flour, sugar, and blankets, and they shared the Word of God with her. Eventually, Miriam began attending our partner’s local church and surrendered her life to Jesus. 
With the mindset of teaching Miriam how to “fish for herself” instead of just giving her handouts, we developed a plan to assist and empower her. Thanks to your compassionate gifts, we were able to rent three one-room “homes” for several ladies to share. Nine women, including Miriam, moved into these residences. We started each of them off with small business development grants.
Miriam at her business kiosk
After months of perseverance, Miriam now has her own business kiosk. She started out selling candy on the roadside; now she has expanded her inventory and also sells socks and underwear. This has enabled her to pay her own rent as well as to provide food for her family! Miriam is only one of the smashing success stories this group of ladies has achieved.
Thank you so much for partnering with the Widows and Abandoned Women Ministry to bring God’s love to the lost souls in the Kibera slums. Without you, none of this would be possible. Please pray with us as God continues to send his people into the slums of Kibera to offer second chances to treasures like Miriam. 
Miriam showing where she lives in the dump
Dossie Briggs 
Director,Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry 

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