Food for the Famished

Food for the Famished

Many starving Christians were provided with life-saving food

Dear Family,

In a country in Northern Asia, which I won’t name for safety reasons, many people endure extreme poverty and daily struggles for survival. Due to their oppressive government, these individuals are denied basic human rights and necessities such as food and water. Christians in this region face even harsher persecution and cruel mistreatment.

Recent flooding in this area has pushed many suffering Christians to the brink of starvation. Desperate for sustenance, some have resorted to eating grass to survive. The severe flooding has left them without any food, not even grass, due to the destruction of their lands.

Thanks to your support, our partners were able to deliver food to over 100 suffering Christian families, ensuring they no longer face starvation. Without this assistance, these Christian brothers and sisters might not have survived much longer.

Image of receiptA receipt for the food purchased to feed these starving Christians (our partner cannot risk sharing photos of them as this would put their lives at risk)

Thank you for your contributions to the Persecuted Christians Ministry of Heaven’s Family, which have played a crucial role in saving these Christians from starvation.

Rachel Reed
Directors, Persecuted Christians Ministry

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