Going Bananas at School

20 Jun

Going Bananas at School

Image of James holding bananasJames holding bananas that help him and other students enjoy a nutritious lunch at Caso Upendo School in Kenya, thanks to you!

Going Bananas at School

Healthy meals unlock the mind of a bright young boy

Dear Family,

James’s parents died when he was a baby. Since then, his grandmother has been providing for him. She is elderly, though, and has struggled to earn enough money to keep her grandson’s tummy full.

For her, it was an answer to prayer when you paid not only for James’s educational needs, but also for him to receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch every day. It’s hard to focus on school when you are hungry!

Your investment is really helping James succeed! His teachers report that he is quite bright, and we look forward to watching James continue to succeed in the future.

Thank you so much for making it possible for James to grow up healthy and with a high-quality education through the Education Ministry of Heaven’s Family!

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Image of the director of the Education Ministry

Rachel Reed
Director, Education Ministry

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