History in the Making

Sister Shir as she cries and waves goodbye to us

History in the Making

An unreached people group makes the headlines in heaven!

Dear Friends,

Joy filled my heart as I sat with my son Caleb in the “sardine” section for the 12-or-so hours of our plane ride to China last July. That’s because we were on an historic mission to bring God’s Word to the A-Che people in their own language—something never before done!

Once on the ground, we met up with a team of 16 whom we led into the heart of A-Che territory. In our first days of ministry we were quickly reminded of just how much the A-Che need the Scriptures and other Christian materials in their language.

DaChang, a very remote A-Che village where there are now a dozen believers, was our first stop. Even though every word we spoke had to be interpreted into their dialect, the residents of this village were absolutely blessed. Many wept as we prayed for people and ministered God’s love. When we prepared to leave the next day, they all cried again and begged us to stay.

We told them that we must go to other A-Che villages so that we could share the Good News with them, too. After leaving DaChang we traveled a few hours to ShuiTang. At this village we encountered another first. As a matter of fact, it was the most important “first” ever for this village. It was the first time the villagers we spoke to had ever heard the name of Jesus!

Our trip would not have been possible without the great effort and sacrifice our Chinese team has made to reach the A-Che, or the willingness of the first A-Che converts to suffer for the sake of the gospel.

Your contributions allow us to continue to be the first to take the precious name of Jesus to places it is not yet known.

Please pray for:

• the remaining 40,000 A-Che who have never heard of Jesus;
• our new evangelistic campaign to the A-Che;
• our oral Bible translation projects to deliver quality materials in A-Che (most A-Che are illiterate); and
Heaven’s Family to continue to be able to reach unreached people groups and minister to the poor.


Todd Matthews
Director, Unreached People Groups Fund

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