Picture of Kenyan widow and her family in their new house
Judith (at left) and her children—smiling again—sitting inside their new home that you helped provide for them


Chased away by her family, a Kenyan widow finds a new home

Dear Family,

When our partners in Saboti, Kenya, recently sent me the above photo of Judith Simiyu and her children Derick, Vivian, and Fiona, tears of joy came to my eyes. Only a few months earlier, I had received a very sad photo of them (below) after Judith’s husband, Bishop Mark Mukenya, died of anemia.

Picture of Kenyan widow and her family in their new house
Judith and her children destitute after the loss of their father/husband earlier this year

The grief and sadness over losing a young husband and father were great. But on top of that, Judith and her children were now homeless! They were kicked out of their house when Judith refused to marry one of her late husband’s brothers (as is common in their part of the world).

In the midst of their overwhelming grief and loneliness, compassionate friends like you stepped in to make all the difference for Judith and her children.

Through gifts to the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry, our partners in Kenya were able to purchase land for Judith and construct a simple mud home on the property. Their new house came complete with mattresses on real beds (something Judith never dreamed of experiencing again!), basic furniture, and warm blankets. Judith has also received a small business grant so she can begin to earn money to support her children

Even though her earthly family abandoned her, you helped show Judith that her spiritual family will never abandon her!

Thank you so much for giving to the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry. Together, we can continue to bring the love of God, hope and healing to downtrodden families like this one.

Dossie Briggs
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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