Hope for the Silenced

Representative picture of "Sarah" for Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry
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Hope for the Silenced

The VOSV Ministry continues to reach victims in a new way

Dear Friends,

The Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry works in many poor nations around the world to help those who have been sexually exploited and abused, but this kind of tragic victimization also happens right here in the US and other developed nations. So when the Lord recently opened a door for a partnership to be forged between the VOSV Ministry of Heaven’s Family and the organization of longtime friend Julie Rigsby—right here in my native Texas—it immediately felt like the Lord’s leading.

Julie is founder of For The Silent, a ministry that works extensively to “bring hope to teens silenced by sex trafficking,” as well as providing education on preventing victimization to schools throughout East Texas. In Julie’s own words:

Our staff are currently teaching 10-week long prevention education in middle schools, juvenile detention centers, and child advocacy centers in East Texas. The program, I HAVE A VOICE is a critical tool used to build rapport and trust with high risk girls and victims of commercial sexual exploitation, while training them to spot potentially exploitative situations.

Equally encouraging to stories of our own girls in the Women of Wellness program in Africa, here’s a recent story from Julie that grabbed my heart:

Sarah, one of the girls who had been through our sex trafficking prevention program in a juvenile detention center, called us to share how important the training had been in her life. Shortly after graduating, Sarah was riding in a car late one night and stopped at a light across from a shady motel. Next to her, she saw a car with two adult men in the front and a very young girl in the backseat who appeared to be crying and distraught. As the car turned into the motel, Sarah had a sinking feeling in the gut. Since she had now been trained to recognize the signs of trafficking and exploitation, she quickly told the driver to pull into the motel behind the car, and they watched as the two men took the crying girl into one of the rooms. Sarah immediately called the police…and the two pimps were arrested. The young girl, who was only 14, was thankfully rescued and placed somewhere safe.

Through your prayers and financial support, you are helping to make a difference in the lives of numerous women and young girls around the world! So on behalf of all our girls, thank you.


Patty Forney
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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