Joy, Joy, JOY!

Picture of Christmas card from Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick
Quiz Time: How many angels do you see in this photo? (See answer below)

Joy, Joy, JOY!

You gave us reasons to rejoice, even in the midst of tragedy and hardship

Dear Family,

We made it. Another year. I am not even sure what adjective would best describe it for me…how about you?

But in the end, we both made it, right?! I’m still here; you’re still here…and we’re both still giving the devil a fight for his money!

The year did have its disappointments, to be honest. We didn’t make it home to our Village 1 land, as we had hoped…but, ya know what? That’s okay. Our Father knows best. We also faced severe, unexpected trials and obstacles and I admit I had to face the “fight, flight, or freeze” decision several times. Pretty much nothing I had planned worked out!

Did you have some times that tried you as well? Isn’t there a verse for that? Haha, yes, it’s Proverbs 16:9…”The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”

But out of the gloom and disappoint came the shiny blessing of your kind and generous help—to the rescue!

Here are some of the soul-lifting things that God did because of your knight-and-shining-armor action this year:

—We started more house churches in 4 states

—We rescued more beautiful children from trafficking

—We restored lots of little hearts and minds from the sexual trauma they suffered

—We fed over 100 precious children and youth daily

—We graduated over 120 patients from our drug rehab centers

—We sent over 200 impoverished children to school

—We graduated 6 of our Village children

—We even were blessed to be able to take a couple of fun field trips—essential, “doctor-recommended” medicine to help restore our children to who God created them to be!

—Lastly, we shared the Good News of JESUS CHRIST to thousands of people!

And I cannot forget the huge encouragement by those who came to the rescue by helping us this month to get our electricity switched back on! You guys are my heroes!

Jason and I want to express our deepest and most sincere gratitude to you for continuing to support us both prayerfully and financially. The war against child exploitation and sex trafficking goes on, but you are making a huge difference—and bringing us joy to have you fighting right alongside us!

As 2019 approaches, I plan to focus more on each child individually. My amazing staff and I will do our best to give them each more love, acceptance and protection. We will continue to raise awareness and do everything in our power to prevent more innocent children from becoming victims.

May the JOY of Christmas be yours this season!!

Valuing Life,

Nicole Fitzpatrick

Picture of Jasmine Fitzpatrick

P.S., Another reason to rejoice: our dear, sweet Jasmine finished high school this month—yay!! We are so very proud of her! Thanks to each of you who have loved her and invested into her life as she grew up. Please pray that God will lead and guide her as she makes her next decisions. Thank you!


Answer: 7 (They’re all angels to me! Ha, trick question, right??)

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN YOU HAVE HELPED! Here are some Christmas photos guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some warmth in your heart!

(See a photo you’d like a copy of for personal use, such as background wallpaper for you computer, phone or pad…or to print for your fridge? Just reply to me with a description, and I’ll do my best to send it to you via email!)

Picture of children in Mexico in front of Christmas tree

Picture of children with Christmas tree


…and a few close-ups of the kids at top, who were so proud to be portraying the nativity scene!

Picture of Mexican children portraying the Nativity

Picture of Mexican children portraying the Nativity

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