Just Add Water

A new well for a Christian school

Just Add Water

A sure-fire recipe for transforming a community

Dear Friends,

The students at St. Elizabeth Primary School in Bvirindi, Zimbabwe, were often thirsty and sick. That’s because they drank rainwater that collected in a small reservoir dug by hand. Not only was the water contaminated with bacteria and other pathogens, but it also dried up often.

That’s all changed with the new well installed through contributions to Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Fund, which is having a huge impact on the surrounding community of 5,000 inhabitants. One mother’s testimony, translated through our partner, says it all:

My name is Meya. I am a mother of 5 and I live on cooking our staple food to sell and feed my family. The only hindrance to my small business was shortage of water for household needs and now with the availability of plenty of water from the new water well Heaven’s Family installed in our community, my small business is doing very well and every day I make an income from it to send my children to school, buy clothes and essentials for them.

I used to take my children to the clinic from sicknesses they got from drinking dirty water but now they are in good health. When going to school in the heat of the day, children from our villages used to go without water and dehydrate. Now we only provide them with plastic bottles and they get all the safe drinking water from the well. After school they fill their bottles and bring it home. We are all very thankful for your kind donation which has really changed our lives.

We were scared that the school might be closed due to lack of water, but now we are certain about the future of our children. The school teachers are so happy as more children are enrolling and enjoying school.

I just love her testimony. It speaks volumes. It’s amazing how your gifts are providing the water needed to grow children, families, businesses and communities! Thank you so much!

School children excited about the well—and being in a photo—after returning from their Christmas break!

Serving together,

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Fund

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