Picture of Kevin after surgery
Kevin (age 43), husband, father and devoted follower of Christ, can hear again!

Knife Attack

How you helped an unexpected victim in Kenya

Dear Family,

The door burst open. A woman yielding a large knife ran straight at Kevin. Before he could react, the knife plunged into his temple.

It had started just like any other day for Kevin. He had stopped along his truck route to grab a bite to eat and watch a soccer game on TV.

Unfortunately for him, Kevin resembled his attacker’s estranged husband. She intended to kill him for not paying child support for their 6-month-old baby.

After the knife attack, the woman was arrested while Kevin received immediate medical care.

Under Ugandan law, the woman was sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder. As elsewhere in Africa, her baby would be imprisoned with her.

In spite of Kevin’s pain and disfigurement, his heart ached for the young child. He dropped all charges so the baby wouldn’t begin life—and spend childhood—in prison.

Kevin’s medical care, however, still needed to be paid for. Neither Kevin nor his pardoned attacker had the needed resources. Without corrective surgery, his painful disfigurement would result in permanent hearing loss.

A devoted follower of Jesus Christ, Kevin was praying for a miracle. And a miracle is what he received as brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world helped pay for surgery to repair the damage to his ear and restore his hearing.

Thank you for standing with our brother in his unexpected time of need through Heaven’s Family’s Critical Medical Need Ministry. May you be blessed!

Signature of the Director of the Disabilities Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Critical Medical Needs Ministry

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