Light in the Darkness

22 Jun

Image of woman receiving aidI wish I could show you this lady’s eyes, as they are filled with tears of gratitude for the food you provided for her.

Light in the Darkness

Your relief efforts reach impoverished communities in a communist regime

Dear Family,

Your support has brought light to a communist-controlled island off the coast of Florida (for security reasons, we cannot disclose the name). The communities that live under this extreme communist regime are crippled by poverty with little hope of a better life. Due to COVID lockdowns, many already struggling families were on the brink of starvation. But through your generosity, we were able to provide essential food and medicine to some of the neediest individuals across the island.

I am writing today to share several heartfelt testimonies from those whose lives were profoundly impacted by your compassion. Their words serve as a testament to the difference your support has made:

“I thank God for his love and mercy in my life. Our city was closed after the governmental measures to avoid the spread of Covid, and we could not travel outside the municipality. Our children were told to watch lessons on TV, but we do not have a TV. Then our children went to the neighbors’ house to watch TV, but my daughter got Covid. She spent 14 days in the hospital. Then my husband and I got sick. In this situation, it was impossible to work. But our sister Marina let us know about your offering. That helped us buy food and the medicine we needed that otherwise we would not be able to get. I thank God because he is good and his mercy is forever, He is always on time. I thank you who deemed it wise to help us with this. God bless you!”

“I thank God because once again he has demonstrated that he does not forsake his children. At the time when we received the aid, we had already been discharged from the hospital but were still experiencing Covid in our home, with many needs. We were weak, and prices were really high. We thank our Father for sending this help through you in these very difficult times. Glory to God who takes care of his children. May God bless you, brothers, and bless the work you do!”

“I thank God for receiving this love offering during the Covid process. It was very difficult for our family to be able to afford what we needed, and this aid was the contribution God sent us that allowed us to meet out needs. Thank you!”

“I am deeply grateful for this offering we received, I am recovering from Covid and have had a very difficult economic situation since I had not been able to work during these months. I will be able to provide for my family now.”

Below are images of several individuals who received life-saving aid because of your contributions:

Image of woman receiving aid

Image of couple receiving aid

Image of woman receiving aid

Image of family receiving aid

Thank you so much for changing lives through Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Ministry. These faithful believers would otherwise have gone without medicine and food… if it weren’t for you!

Your generosity is making a difference, shining a light of hope in this darkest place.

Image of the director of the Disaster Relief Ministry

Rachel Reed
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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