Muddy Hole Cleanses Soul

Picture of missionaries in Kenya baptizing woman in muddy water
This woman’s shirt might not look so white after she emerges from the (muddy) waters of baptism, but her soul will be as white as snow!

Muddy Hole Cleanses Soul

Kenyan missionary baptizes new believers in cattle drinking hole!

Dear Family,

Would you be willing to be baptized in a mud hole?

Cleophas, our national missionary in Kenya, found two believers who cared more about cleanness of their souls than the cleanness of their clothes!

And that’s a good thing, because Cleophas doesn’t have a fancy baptismal. And even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to transport it to the remote villages where he is preaching the gospel. Thus, like Philip and the eunuch in the Book of Acts, he uses what’s available to him! And in this case, it was this village’s cattle watering hole! (Can’t you just feel that mud squishing between your toes?!) I can only believe that the sincerity of these new believers is as genuine as they come. May God bless them for their commitment to Him!

Picture of baptism in Kenya
Another soul that didn’t mind the mud in order to demonstrate his commitment to Jesus! (Future note: tell them not to wear white!)

Cleophas wrote to me saying, “We are making a difference for the Kingdom with the support we are receiving. We love Heaven’s Family ministries [That’s YOU!]…helping us serve the least for His Glory.”

Thank you so much for equipping Cleophas to reach souls for Christ!

Elisabeth Walker
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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