Neverland in Naivasha

Some girls at Cindi’s Hope Academy learning how to play

Neverland in Naivasha

Working to help abused girls believe that God loves them

Dear Friends,

We could hear their cherub voices singing praises before we even laid eyes on them. They were the students at Cindi’s Hope Academy in Naivasha, Kenya. Then came the rush to surround us, faces beaming with eagerness to greet their visitors, and then to lead us excitedly to the new highlight of their campus: bright, new playground equipment!

Just a week before our visit, two teeter-totters, a slide and a jungle gym had been installed, thanks to a generous donation to the Victims of Sexual Violence Fund. Their response was sheer ecstasy!

I think it is safe to say that most of these children, who have been rescued from grievous situations of dire poverty, abandonment and abuse, have never been to a park or cavorted in a playground. The first day the equipment was installed, the director cheerfully reported, the children played for hours, their energetic enthusiasm unflagging.

Our team, glad to be released from hours of bouncing on rutted roads, quickly joined in the play! Gleeful giggles bubbled forth from the kids, who were by this time devoting themselves to the joys childhood. They also seemed very happy to include non-threatening adults in their fun!

Though the addition of these first pieces of equipment has made an enormous difference to these most appreciative of kids, a soccer field and a basketball court are also in progress. These have been daunting projects, as the fields must be leveled with primitive hoes and rakes rather than machines. But soon they will be able to use the new balls that we brought along.

I wish I could bring every one of you who have contributed to the Victims of Sexual Violence Fund here to this magical “Neverland in Naivasha,” where young lives are being restored through a loving family of devoted staff members, Christian nurture and education—along with a good dose of fun!

Please receive my deepest gratitude for your support. Your compassion and generosity are making a world of difference to these cherished young lives.

Together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Fund

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