Orphans Eating Snakes??

25 Nov

The children of New Heritage Orphanage enjoying a rare treat.

Eating SNAKES?? Yuck! OK, I confess, this month has been slow when it comes to news from the orphanages that Orphan’s Tear serves, so I thought I’d spice it up a little, just in time for Thanksgiving! Actually, the children pictured above from New Heritage Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar, are eating raw sugar cane, which is always a special treat.

The children help to plant a garden every year, and this year one of the fruits of their labors was sugar cane. The children were so excited to finally harvest it and enjoy a little reward for their hard work! I just hope they brush their teeth thoroughly afterwards (I’m a mom now, so I can’t help it!).

Flying High at the Airport

For most of us, a trip to the airport conjures up thoughts of dreaded security lines, delayed flights, hours of cramped, sardine-style seating and jet lag. Even many of our children have become jaded, preferring to stare at their smart phones or video games than watch planes or look out from their window seats.

Not so for children growing up in developing countries, however, many of whom have never been to an airport, and don’t own phones or video games. For the children of Grace Orphanage in Yangon, Myanmar, a field trip to the international airport is almost like going to Disney World, since they have little spare time or finances to make such trips as a group.

Field trip to the airport!

But as all good parents know, there are times when you need to treat your children to something special, and that’s what the directors of Grace decided to do. And they turned it into an opportunity to challenge them to work hard in school so that they can get good jobs and perhaps one day travel themselves. Here’s what they wrote to me:

We praise the Lord for his grace for us. As you know most of our kids are from where there is no car, phone, TV, etc.. At all orphanages, the care takers do not or cannot afford to send or bring kids outside of the campus, like going to the zoo, park, or for sightseeing. It is very expensive for us. They really love to go out of the campus!

We brought some of our older kids to the airport and they just love it!!! They are sooo happy! They look around and see people going here and there with luggage. They get to see the planes. They took pictures. We the leaders took an advantage of it to explain them if they study hard in school they can be one of these people traveling or may be the owner or be police officer or pilot! They listen to us very carefully. It seems to see their face seeing something new and should be achieved of.

So the next time you have to fly somewhere, maybe you can remember the children of Grace, and gain a fresh appreciation for the opportunities so many of us take for granted.

On behalf of the children,

Elisabeth Walker
Director of Orphan’s Tear

Parting Shot

Zion Children’s Home in Kalaymyo, Myanmar, has a few piglets that will soon graduate to being pigs!

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