Perfect Timing

Image of Tabitha from Rwanda with her BibleEthan (white shirt) being baptized by Griffin (yellow shirt).

Perfect Timing

From Rags to Righteous

Dear Family,

Ethan Wanjala has a bad reputation. He dropped out of primary school after receiving a soccer scholarship. Then his father paid a semester’s tuition for a trade school, but Ethan dropped out after a week. Now he’s in his early 20s, and due to his bad decisions, many people in his community want nothing to do with him. Though he has worked as a motorbike driver for two years, he has absolutely nothing to show for it. He had an abysmal appearance, remaining unshaven and dressed in filthy clothes. But because of your gift, Ethan will soon look into a mirror and discover who he really is.

Griffin, our Farming God’s Way trainer in Kenya, kept an eye on him. When Ethan was younger he played soccer for Griffin’s team for two months before quitting. Seeing where Ethan’s life was heading, Griffin called him and shared the love of God with him.

Griffin said, “I shared my story with him before I became fully engaged with God’s work. I was neglecting the word of God and was sickly and very depressed. I didn’t see a future. But the Lord delivered me, and everything changed! I told him I want to disciple him so he can quit working for Satan and work for God.”

Two days later, Ethan shaved and cleaned up his appearance. People immediately took notice and began complimenting him. Two days later, Griffin planned a talk with him at 7 p.m. That just so happened to be the day the Bibles that you sent arrived.

That evening, Griffin shared more about the Word of God and how God can change things in him for good. Finally, he asked Ethan to give his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Without hesitation, he did. Griffin prayed for Ethan, and he was the first person to receive one of the Bibles you sent.

Griffin baptized him and is now discipling him. For a week, every evening from 7 to 9 p.m., he has been at Griffin’s home to dive into God’s Word. Ethan said, “I am relieved and free from lots of bondages these few days. I have walked with Griffin and heard a lot about the Word of God.” Ethan even shared a testimony at Griffin’s church of being saved. Glory to God!

Your gift of a new Bible enables Ethan to grow in his relationship with God and become a disciple-maker. Thank you for helping him realize his worth as a child of the King.

Grace and Peace,

Image of the director of the Farming God's Way Ministry

Jerry Jefferson
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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