Building up Rwanda’s youth with Bibles!

03 Oct

Building up Rwanda’s youth with Bibles!

Image of Tabitha from Rwanda with her BibleTabitha’s life will never be the same because of the Bible you helped send to her

Building up Rwanda’s youth with Bibles!

Thanks to you, 1,000 young people have God’s Word

Dear Family,

Kayonza is a very poor, marginalized community in Rwanda. The families living there struggle greatly, and our partners are working diligently and lovingly to minister regularly to the young people. Recently, they organized and invited 2,500 youth from four communities, including Kayonza, to a six-day youth event filled with teaching, discipleship, work programs, food, and Bible studies.

You helped make this event a success. Through Heaven’s Family’s Strategic Bibles Ministry you helped provide Bibles for 1,000 youth who attended. Tabitha is one of these youth (pictured above). She is 16 years old and in ninth grade. When Tabitha heard that our ministry partner was offering a Bible study and work program for youth, she signed up to participate, not knowing exactly what to expect. Part of the event involved working to earn money, so Tabitha was hoping to get funds to buy school supplies. But there was more. She also came carrying burdens in her heart.

During the Bible studies, Tabitha realized that she needed to repent and forgive others. She was overwhelmed with emotion when she read Ephesians 2:8–9 in her new Bible and understood that she is God’s masterpiece! The Bible she received will enable her to keep studying at home.

On behalf of Tabitha and all the other impoverished youth who attended these meetings, thank you for sponsoring the 1,000 copies of God’s Word that are now changing lives!

Image of the director of the Strategic Bibles Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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