Precious AIDS Orphans in Africa

10 Mar

Precious AIDS Orphans in Africa

Sponsor an African orphan

AIDS orphans in Africa playing game
There are no video games for the AIDS orphans at the Mission to Homeless Children in Morogoro, Tanzania! But Sofia Thomas and Catherine Chambo spend hours playing a traditional game in Africa with nuts called solo.

Dear Friends,

During my recent trip to Africa, I was privileged to visit two orphanages and dozens of AIDS orphans in Africa supported by Orphan’s Tear. I was encouraged to see first-hand the difference that your compassion is making in Africa at both the Mission to Homeless Children in Tanzania and Covenant Kids Home in Kenya. Most of the 67 African orphans who live at these orphanages are AIDS orphans, having lost their parents to the fatal disease. Now these precious AIDS orphans—abandoned by society—are being raised by devoted believers and finding the love they so desperately need.

New Home for the AIDS Orphans

Late last year, the Lord enabled us to purchase five acres of land for constructing a new center for the Mission to Homeless Children in Africa, which currently rents old and inadequate government housing. They now have their blueprints and building permit and are ready to start. I was so blessed to learn while I was visiting MHC that some missionary friends in Eastern Europe are soon sending almost $9,000 to our “Dorms for Orphanages” Fund, and it will be used to launch MHC‘s new construction. God is good! And “the Father to the fatherless.”

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AIDS orphans in Africa at Kenyan orphanage
Robert Simba, director, and some of the younger AIDS orphans at Mission to Homeless Children in Tanzania, Africa

Covenant Kids Home in Kenya has also been blessed since about one-third of the 36 orphans—mostly all orphaned because of AIDS—have been sponsored there. According to Dawson Mudenyo, the director, all of the orphans are now better fed and eat meat three times a week. And they are healthier because of it and doing better in school. We gave all of the AIDS orphans glow sticks one night that we brought with us—something they had never seen before—and they had a blast.

AIDS orphans in Africa at orphanage in Tanzania
Dawson Mudenyo and some of the 36 AIDS orphans at Covenant Kids Home in Kenya, Africa

Help buy land and construct a new orphanage building for Covenant Kids Home in Kitale, Kenya. Because all of our administrative costs are paid for by our parent ministry, Heaven’s Family, 100% of everything we receive will go directly to help build much needed orphanages to house orphans in Africa and other parts of the world.

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Orphans in Africa Needing Your Help

You can help meet the needs of these precious AIDS orphans in Africa by either sponsoring a child at Orphan’s Tear, or by donating to the Dorms for Orphanages Fund.

Orphans in Africa needing sponsored
A few of the AIDS orphans in Africa who are in need of sponsors.

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