Setting the North Korean Captives Free

18 Jun

Setting the North Korean Captives Free

Chloe and Harmony’s hands, now free from the bondage of captivity inside North Korea

Dear Friends,

Right now an underground rescue effort is active along the border of North Korea and China, setting free those held captive.

But “happily ever after” is still elusive for North Koreans who escape across the heavily guarded border into China. Secret police and bounty hunters are never far behind and, if caught, North Koreans are dragged back to their country in chains where they are sentenced to hard labor camps for the crime of desertion.

During a recent visit to China, I had the great privilege of meeting Chloe and Harmony, two young girls Heaven’s Family has helped set free. They escaped into China a few years ago with their mother, but after several months of hiding in terror, she was discovered and returned to North Korea. Chloe and Harmony were left alone and hopeless.

By God’s grace Mary, a local safe-house manager, discovered the girls and, with her family, raised the girls as their own, teaching them about Jesus, and even using their influence to get the two into the local school system.

Then, just weeks before my trip, I learned from Mary that Chinese officials were investigating schools, trying to find illegal North Korean children. Mary had friends who could provide a Chinese identification for both girls, but the process was complicated, costly and required favor from the right people.

As I met with Mary and the girls in a restaurant, I knew we had been drawn into their tale through God’s amazing heart for rescue. In my backpack was enough money to acquire the needed official identification.

Through your incredible support of the North Korean Christians Fund, Chloe and Harmony are now on their way to becoming Chinese citizens, ensuring their safety.

Thank you for joining us in this incredible endeavor to bring light to the darkness. There are still many North Koreans waiting for freedom. Will you join us in rescuing more?

With gratitude,

Ben Croft
Director, North Korean Christians Fund

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