Sewing the Seeds of Success

15 Aug

Image of women in Kenya with sewing machinesWangui, the 2nd lady from my left, disciples her students in her sewing classes. I was able to attend their graduation where they were surprised to receive the sewing machines you purchased for them to learn on to start their own businesses!

Sewing the Seeds of Success

Dossie’s 3rd and final trip blog from Africa (Kenya)

Dear Family,

From providing vocational education to small business grants, your investments have really paid off! During the three weeks I spent in Africa, I stayed primarily with Dave and Cynthia Taylor, who have a deep desire to disciple everyone whom God sends their way. One such person was Wangui (pictured above). Several years ago, Cynthia taught Wangui (then a single mother of two young girls) to sew after they hired her to help with housework and cooking. Since 2019, Wangui has passed her excellent sewing skills on to widows and abandoned mothers who have a desire to know God and to become self-sufficient. She keeps her classes small so that each lady receives suitable attention, both instructionally and personally. I was thrilled to attend a graduation ceremony where four students each received their own machine as a graduation present.

Image of woman in Kenya making chipsViola Bett serves some “chips” (French fries) in her small shop. Your donations purchased a “jiko,” a small stove that looks more like a deep fryer, and built her a shelter to keep her supplies safe. It also keeps her dry during the rainy season.

Viola’s alcoholic husband abused her. After he once chased her with a panga (machete), she and her three children went to live with her parents. She received a small business grant through Heaven’s Family’s Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry to start her own “chips” (we would call them French fries) business. She’s been able to add selling charcoal to her business. Viola is a hard worker and has reaped the benefits of her labor. She recently purchased a small plot of land where she hopes to build her own house!

Image of woman in Kenya selling clothesMiriam in the market, selling used clothing. She is now able to send her three teenage children to school because of her hard work and effort and your gifts.

Miriam’s husband abandoned her last year, six months after she gave birth to a baby. They already had three teenage children. Miriam had a business in town, selling used clothing. But after her husband left, she had to draw on her profits to feed her family and couldn’t re-stock the inventory at her store. That’s where you came in. Through a small business grant, Miriam replenished her stock and now can pay school fees for her three teenagers and also manage her household needs. That’s pretty amazing! The cutest thing I saw while in Kenya was her baby sleeping in a stack of clothes covered by a piece of fabric while Miriam worked.

Image of baby sleeping in clothing shopMiriam pulled back the cover to reveal her baby, sound asleep while Miriam carried on her work.

I am deeply grateful to be a small part of the work God has allowed me, you and our partners to achieve together. Most importantly, these ladies have received the opportunity to turn their lives around through knowing and following Christ. Thanks to you, their futures and the futures of their children are bright!

Thank you for joining me on this trip!

Picture of the director of the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

Dossie Briggs
Director, Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

Transform Lives Through the Widows & Abandoned Women Ministry

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