Six Sacks of Idols

David Rodriguez (at left) surrendering to the lordship of Christ with a local pastor; national missionary Julio Garcia Sanchez (at right), standing in front of one of David’s former shrines

Dear Friends,

Throughout communist Cuba, many people privately adhere to various mixtures of Roman Catholicism, a lasting vestige of the island’s first Spanish colonizers, and ancestral spirit worship that Central African slaves, imported to work on Cuban sugar plantations between the 16th and 19th centuries, brought with them.

For over a decade, David Rodriguez had been a priest of one such religious mixture called Palo. David was a devout palero (Palo adherent), as evidenced by the many idols and shrines that filled his home.

Earlier this year, David’s brother fell sick with cancer. One day while visiting his brother, David learned that he had recently given his life to Christ, and that the person who led him to the Lord, Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary Julio Garcia Sanchez, was there too. Sensing David’s openness, Julio began sharing the gospel with him. The Holy Spirit went to work immediately, convicting David of his sins.

Realizing that he had found the One his hearted had longed for, David embraced Jesus Christ—and turned his back on his lifeless wooden and stone idols. At David’s invitation, Julio and a local pastor helped him rid his home of the numerous shrines and idols that were a part of David’s prior religious deception. Together, they carried six sacks full of idols out to a field to be burned in a holy bonfire!

At left, Julio helping David to destroy his shrines; at right, Julio reducing the idols to ash

David’s testimony is one of many throughout Cuba, where the gospel of Christ is setting spiritual captives free. Idol worshipers, nature worshipers and ancestor worshipers are becoming Christ worshipers. National missionaries like Julio have committed their lives to preaching the liberating Good News of Christ. Thank you for praying for and equipping these faithful ministers.

On their behalf,

Jody Walter
Director, National Missionary Fund

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