Skills for Life

16 Dec

Deborah completing an infinity scarf

Skills for Life

Opening doors of opportunity to disabled women

Dear Friends,

You may recall that a few months ago we told you about Deborah Kalulu from Mombasa, Kenya. Deborah was born with spina-bifida, a disability that requires her to use forearm crutches and leg braces to get around. But these mobility issues have not deterred her in the least from her aspirations to become financially independent so that she can support her family.

In pursuit of her goal she has been attending a Christian vocational training center that teaches sustainable artisan skills such as tailoring, weaving, sewing, jewelry design and crocheting. The women also attend classes to learn English, financial stewardship, and Bible study.

The center’s director has described Deborah’s progress in one word: “amazing”! During the past 2 months her training has focused on learning to crochet, and she has since had much success selling infinity scarves, headbands and purses. The items are sold at local markets, as well as in the US and online. Infinity scarves, like the one she is working on in the photo above, sell for $25.

At left, a crocheted infinity scarf; at right, a crocheted zippered pouch

In January, Deborah’s training will shift to jewelry. Because of the generosity of those who’ve given to the Disabilities Ministry, we’ve been able to sponsor Deborah’s training for one year. We are also seeking to place 3 or 4 other disabled women from Mombasa on the same path of spiritual and financial success that Deborah has followed. Another class is starting in January, and I can’t think of a better Christmas gift than sponsoring one of these wonderful women so that they can become self-sufficient!

Thank you for your generosity—you guys are great! God is changing lives one success at a time!

Because of Him,

Carmen Parise
Director, Disabilities Ministry

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