Sold to Saved

How a trafficked 13-year old girl found her way to freedom

Dear Family,

LaWun’s mother died when she was only 13, and her father remarried a woman who physically and verbally abused her. Every day of LaWun’s life in Myanmar was filled with tears and trauma until she couldn’t take it anymore and finally ran away to escape the abuse. LaWun was now in the group most vulnerable to traffickers: runaways.

An aunt in Yangon took LaWun into her home, but wasn’t very involved with her. It wasn’t long before a neighbor made friends with LaWun and told her about a good job as a waitress in another city. Hopeful for a chance to earn much-needed money, LaWun went with her to the “restaurant” but found that it was really a brothel! Imagine being sold into a terrible place like this at only 13 years old! LaWun’s virginity was purchased against her will and she was so traumatized that she just shut down and remained there for three years, disconnected from life as she trudged through the nightmare of prostitution.

LaWun ached for her mother and missed her so much. Even though she knew she’d never see her again, the memory of her mom gave her courage to hope for a better life, so she asked a customer if he would help her escape. He agreed and got her safely to Yangon. Of course, her mother wasn’t there and she ended up on the streets selling herself again, but not for long! A woman she’d met told her about our partner’s drop-in center in North Dagon and gave her the address. LaWun couldn’t get there fast enough! She arrived excitedly and with hope that this could be a new beginning for her.

Image of LaWun after she was first rescuedThe first picture we received of LaWun shows her sadness.

LaWun is learning new sewing skills at lightning speed and recently gave a testimony about how Jesus is giving her the strength to heal from her past and take hold of her future. What more could we hope for?

Image showing LaWun's transformationLaWun is now filled with hope!

Thank you for loving these girls who have suffered so much through no fault of their own. They are truly becoming free!

Because of Jesus,

Image of the directors of the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

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