The Sound of Freedom

Image of girl rescued from traffickingRescued from trafficking, “Hadassah” buries her letter filled with love for the child she was forced to abort.

The Sound of Freedom

A teenage mother’s journey from unimaginable loss to redemption

Dear Family,

We recently watched the powerful movie, “Sound of Freedom,” and it moved us deeply. It tells the true story of a brave federal agent named Tim Ballard, who risked everything to rescue a brother and sister abducted and trafficked in Colombia. It was a painful movie to watch, but sadly, for many children in our world, this is an all too common reality. Vulnerable and innocent children are torn away from their families and forced into a cruel world of sexual addiction, organ harvesting, and child slavery.

Every day, we receive heartbreaking stories from our partners who witness the devastation caused by child trafficking. No matter how many times we hear about the crushing of a child’s spirit, we are filled with sorrow and outrage. But it also fuels our determination to be agents of healing in the lives of those who have suffered unimaginable pain through no fault of their own.

Let us share with you the story of “Hadassah,” a young girl who was sold at a very young age and endured deep depression. Last year, she was brought to our partner’s safe home in Mexico at the age of just 15, feeling utterly hopeless. She wanted to die.

As Hadassah began to trust the caring people in her new environment, the dark walls and mental blocks slowly started to crumble. When she finally found the courage to open up about her suffering, she could barely choke out the words, “They made me abort my baby just before birth…”

Instead of joyfully embracing her newborn child, Hadassah had to wrap her baby in a shawl and place him in a makeshift grave her brother dug near a tree high up in the mountains. With our partner’s encouragement, she named her son and wrote him a heartfelt letter. Hadassah chose a tree on the property as a symbol of remembrance for her little boy. After reading her words of love aloud, she buried the letter in his honor.

Her newfound “family” surrounded her, placing stones of remembrance around the site as she bid her final farewell. Hadassah found solace, thankful that in this “burial,” she was surrounded by love and compassion.

Image of burialStones of remembrance and honor are placed by loving friends who are now family.

As you gaze upon these pictures of Hadassah reclaiming the memory of her beloved child and honoring his life, we invite you to join us in expressing gratitude for redemption.

It is redemption that can only come from the Redeemer – the giver of life. He truly transforms beauty from the ashes, and with your support, this transformation happens every single day!

We remain steadfast in our fight for the “least of these” because, as Tim Ballard aptly says, “God’s children are not for sale.”

May we, together, bring a reward to His suffering through our dedicated efforts!

On behalf of all those helped through the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry, thank you.

Image of the directors of the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

Burt and Patty Forney
Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

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