Sri Lankan Sweethearts at Girls Orphanage

23 Nov

Sri Lankan Sweethearts at Girls Orphanage

Three beautiful orphan girls at the orphanage
Nirojini (14), Nigshala (12), and Nishanthini (11) Fernando in 2007 at Jaffna Children’s Home

Two more cute orphan girls at the girls orphanage
Priya (6) and Thayani (12) Indrakumar in 2007 at the girls orphanage

You may remember the pictures above from November 2007, the last time Heaven’s Family visited Jaffna Children’s Home in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. David Servant was welcomed at the orphanage by 21 little girls dressed in bright, frilly dresses who were eager to have their pictures taken. Sponsors like you responded to the needs of these orphaned and unwanted children and Jaffna Children’s Home, an all-girls’ orphanage, quickly began receiving monthly support.

In 2007, the kids at the girls orphanage fell asleep to the sounds of artillery in the distance as the civil war between Sri Lanka’s military and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil (separatists) raged. When David met them, they slept on thin mats on hard, concrete floors. Today, thanks to the generosity of Orphan’s Tear contributors, they have beds, eat three meals a day, and are able to go to school. The older kids at the girls orphanage are now receiving vocational training, too. And they praise God that in May of 2009 the 26-year-old war officially ended.

We visited the girls of Jaffna Children’s Home again in September, spending two days with them. What a precious lot and wonderful blessing for us! Many tears were shed when we had to depart the girls orphanage. We left them with funds to buy mosquito nets for all the girls, as well as a rice cooker, a propane stove, and a sewing machine.

The Fernando sisters (seen below in the same order) are now 17, 15, and 14 years old. Nirojini, the oldest, is going to school to become a traditional Tamil dance teacher, while her sister, Nigshala, has a very beautiful singing voice. Nigshala sang a cappella for us while Nirojini danced. Nishanthini is the shy one of the three and sat close to us while she quietly watched her older sisters.

Adorable orphan girls
Nirojini, Nigshala, and Nishanthini Fernando in September 2010 at the girls orphanage

The Indrakumar sisters, now 9 and 15, have acclimated very well since a judge placed them at Jaffna Children’s Home as a result of their father’s disappearance during the war, and their mother being deemed unfit. They are two of the fastest kids at the girls orphanage in a Sri Lankan version of tag we watched—full of joy and life and hearty laughter.

Two more of the sweet orphan girls at the orphanage
Priya and Thayani Indrakumar in September 2010 also at the girls orphanage

English Lessons at the Girls Orphanage

The last day we were there at the girls orphanage (which now has a total of 25 girls), we helped them with their English lessons. Although they can read English fairly well, they have trouble with comprehension as they don’t have many opportunities to practice speaking. What fun it was to teach them English words—they hung on to every syllable, repeating them slowly. When we prepared to leave the orphanage, we prayed for them and they prayed for us. They are 25 extremely grateful young women and little girls that would be living very different lives without the gifts of your compassion. Thanks so much!

For the children,

Emily Growden

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