Tackling Trauma with Love

Picture of girl in Myanmar rescued from human traffickingYou made it possible for Thari to help this young girl on her path to becoming whole again

Tackling Trauma with Love

How you’ve helped bring healing to young victims of human trafficking

Dear Family,

You may wonder what helping a victim of human trafficking through Heaven’s Family looks like. Here’s just one example from Myanmar we know will encourage you.

Thari, our partner, befriends and builds trust with those who’ve been rescued. She does simple life things with them, like praying, sharing meals, and studying God’s Word so it can seep into their souls to provide the healing balm they need. She disciples them in the Lord, accompanies them to doctor  appointments, and court proceedings. She holds their hands through a very dark valley and loves them through the healing process.

Picture of young rescued human trafficking victims

You helped bring this healing ministry of love—as Jesus’ hands and feet—to these girls. Thank you. Will you commit to praying for them?

Restoring lives together,

Jeff and Karin Trotter
Directors, Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry

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