Tale of Two Sisters [Becky’s 3rd and Final Blog from Africa]

12 Mar

Tale of Two Sisters [Becky’s 3rd and Final Blog from Africa]

Patience, at left, and her sister Naomi

Dear Friends,

I simply cannot leave Kenya without telling you about a bright spot for me in the partnership of Heaven’s Family with Cindi’s Hope.

Cindi’s Hope cares for more than 100 children who have been abused, severely neglected or abandoned in the savage slums of Nairobi. But as director of the Christian Refugees Fund, I came first and foremost to meet 13 very precious Sudanese orphans, also in Cindi’s care.

All of them have heartbreaking stories of the kind no child should ever have to experience. I want to share with you the story of Patience Nyamal Tut and Naomi Nyaok Tut, sisters who are ages 11 and 9, respectively.

Patience and Naomi lived in South Sudan with their parents. Their father, a doctor, worked for the South Sudan government in the Juba City Teaching Hospital. Although unrest surrounded them, Dr. Tut didn’t want to get involved. He thought that, as a doctor, he could remain immune to the tribal strife that was the source of the unrest, and simply provide his medical care to all. The only problem was that Dr. Tut and his family belonged to the Nuer tribe—one of the tribes fighting against the government.

One evening soldiers forced their way into the Tut home, demanding to know what they were doing in the city of Juba while every other Nuer tribesman was in the bush hiding. They charged Dr. Tut with being a Nuer spy for the rebels, then summarily shot him, his wife Rebecca and their 15-year-old son, Beil. Fortunately, the two girls had been hiding in the outhouse during this time, and went undetected by the soldiers.

After hearing the shots and seeing the soldiers leave, a neighbor ran to investigate and found the girls sobbing in the latrine. Although from a different tribe, out of compassion he quickly took the sisters to a place of safety, and they eventually ended up in Nairobi at Cindi’s Hope. Patience and Naomi have been through a lot, but I’m so happy that now they, and the other Sudanese orphans, are receiving the care and nurturing they need. They also are going to school at Cindi’s Hope Academy, located on the premises, and hear about Jesus’ love for them in words and in the actions of the loving staff.

The Christian Refugees Fund will be helping these 13 children with school fees and other care at Cindi’s Hope. I found it difficult to leave, as my motherly instinct cried out that I should stay forever so that I could hold these children and shield them from any more pain and suffering. I know that you would feel the same about these precious kids! I look forward to a time when Jesus rules and reigns…a time when children will not suffer like this ever again.

Thanks for joining me on my trip to Africa! I am only an extension of your love and care for the “least of these” represented in these refugee children. Thank you so much. We appreciate you!


Becky Servant
Director, Christian Refugees Fund

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