Ungrateful Son, Redeeming God

Picture of Daniel, a refugee from Kenya

Not a Quitter

The South Sudanese village where five-year-old Daniel Maketh lived was attacked by the militia. Daniel's mother, father, and relatives were killed, all in one tragic day. Daniel was left alone to care for himself.

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Picture of Bahije receiving supplies

Saved and Healed

My name is Bahije. After my husband was killed in the war, I fled Ghouta (an Al-Qaeda stronghold) and settled with my four children in another village in Syria. Our situation was extremely difficult, so I rented a small room without any utilities just to have a roof over our heads. But I couldn’t work because I was sick, and I couldn’t find a place to take my children so I could start working.

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Women from Ghouta worshipping King Jesus

Lifting Holy Hands

Inside Syria, for several years, Heaven’s Family's Refugee Ministry has been providing food parcels for 100 extremely vulnerable families in partnership with a local church. The pastor has shared this report with us.

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Refugees in DR Congo lifting hands

Hands Lifted High

In Goma, DR Congo, the community of internally displaced persons where Heaven's Family's Refugee Ministry is working is so thankful for your love and compassion. You've helped provide lifesaving necessities through your support! The many families and children have this message for you.

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Picture refugees in DR Congo using washing station during COVID-19

Not Forgotten

The women who find healing at the Women's Hope Center in the DR Congo are single, elderly, with and without children, widowed or abandoned. They have one thing in common: they all arrived destitute with no hope, but are trying to learn skills to support themselves and their families.

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Picture of Syrian children

Bombarded with Love

Last year the Syrian Army bombarded the district of Al Ghouta to dislodge militants imbedded amongst the people. When chemical warfare was used, killing many innocent people, there was worldwide protest.

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Picture of Syrian refugee

The Name She Never Heard

I want you to know that you are helping the Refugee Ministry to bring the gospel to people who have never heard the name of Jesus—and it fills my heart with joy!! I pray the following story warms your heart and fills YOU with joy (names are changed for protection).

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