Walking, Talking Jesus

21 Dec

Descendants of the Aztec Indians seeing and hearing the gospel in their own language—some for the very first time!

Walking, Talking Jesus

Villagers react to seeing the JESUS Film in their language

Dear Friends,

Juan Munoz is a Mexican national missionary supported by the National Missionary Ministry of Heaven’s Family. He has recently been leading teams of evangelists to reach remote, Nahuatl-speaking villages in the Puebla mountains of Mexico where descendants of the Aztec Indians live—often in dire poverty.

After Juan arrives at the villages, one of the means he uses to share the gospel is the JESUS Film. Many of the elderly men and women villagers have never heard the teachings of Christ in their own language before. Juan describes the exhilarating beauty of it all:

Many elderly walked up to the screen, crying, to be closer and contemplate the images on screen…listening to the words of the Teacher of teachers!

Juan, with some of his team and children, carrying equipment through winding mountain trails in order to reach the remote Nahuatl villages

Perhaps when you think of Aztec Indians you imagine the immense cities and pyramids they built centuries ago. Or maybe you imagine fierce warriors or gruesome sacrifices. Regardless, their modern-day, marginalized descendants are in desperate spiritual need. Fewer and fewer people speak their Nahuatl language. Many villagers practice a mixture of folk spiritism and Roman Catholicism, which often reaps rampant immorality and incest, drunkenness, grinding poverty and broken families. They somehow manage to eke out an existence in extreme poverty through subsistence farming.

These villagers have been locked in a cycle of death and despair for centuries. But now they are finding hope, healing and salvation in Jesus Christ through the sacrificial labors of Juan and other missionaries like him.

Gifts to the National Missionary Ministry in 2015 have enabled evangelists like Juan to reach villages around the world with the liberating Good News. Thanks so much.

On their behalf,

Jody Walker
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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