Water for a Worn-Out Widow

30 Nov

Water for a Worn-Out Widow

Pasis, happy to have clean, safe water

Water for a Worn-Out Widow

How clean water is keeping a family healthy…and saving a forest!

Dear Friends,

Pasis warmly welcomed us when we entered her small home in Makono during our visit to Uganda just a few weeks ago. She had recently received a Sawyer water filter from Heaven’s Family partners Kenneth and Kevin Wafula, and I came to see how it was helping her family.

Before she received the filter, her family had been suffering from several water-related sicknesses. Knowing this, she and her children had regularly worked hard gathering firewood to boil their water, but it was never enough to supply the 20+ family members living in her house with enough clean water. Pasis houses so many family members because of the severe poverty in her community.

Charcoal was too expensive to buy in sufficient quantities, so when they began to run out of the firewood they had been gathering from a nearby forest, it became an even greater challenge to find safe water.

Thanks to their Sawyer filter, however, they all enjoy good health. Pasis and her family are so thankful to now have a source of water that is free of harmful bacteria, cysts, parasites and other contaminants—and so much work. “I was so tired of cooking water and never having enough to drink. It was so stressful. I wanted clean water to drink for my family.”

Pasis, center, with some of the more than 20 family members who live in her very humble home

Pasis, a widow, is a recipient of 2 Heaven’s Family micro-loans that help her to support her family. These are baby chicks she is raising to sell for their meat.

Thank you so much for your gifts to the Safe Water Ministry. You are helping so many families like Pasis’s to have clean water and health in the name of Jesus!

Serving Christ together,

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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