Welcome Diane!

Diane posing as an orphan. Want to sponsor her?

Though she is cute, you won’t be able to sponsor the lovely lady above. Her name is Diane Scott and she recently joined the staff of Heaven’s Family. Even before she was officially on board with us, I knew I wanted to have her help with Orphan’s Tear. She had been on team trips with us to Myanmar and Haiti before, so she was perfect for the job!

As it turned out, she was eager to help with Orphan’s Tear! She is now responsible for collecting information from new orphanages that have come to us seeking to get their children sponsored. She also helps me out with Orphan’s Tear’s administration work.

Before coming to us, Diane was the co-owner of a gardening business. In her spare time she takes karate lessons, and enjoys eating cultured vegetables.

If you’d like, you can welcome Diane to Orphan’s Tear by email at: [email protected].

Elisabeth Walter
Director, Orphan’s Tear division


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  • Tom Poskie

    Nice to see Diane on the staff. Congratulations Diane !

  • D.Durga

    Dear sister in Christ, Greetings to you in Jesus name. its a joy to hear that you joined the Orphan’s Tear staff!.may God bless you and give you all favour to fullfill his will through you and your family.

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