A Precious Opportunity

10 Mar

A Precious Opportunity

Precious clings to her father’s leg as he explains to our partner about the medication she is taking

A Precious Opportunity

How the Compassion Club healed one little girl’s heart

Dear Friends,

Precious is a little girl from Uganda who was born into poverty. She was also born with Down’s Syndrome and cardiac problems.

After paying for some medical tests, we prepared to invest an additional $6,000 for needed surgery to repair a hole that was discovered in her heart.

But to our surprise, further testing revealed that medication, rather than surgery, might do the trick. So we paid for Precious’ medication, as it was unaffordable to her family.

To the delight of all, the medication worked, and the hole in Precious’ heart began to close. No surgery will be required!

Some of our partners in Guatemala were delighted too, because we were then able to use the funds we saved in Uganda to help launch a new mobile medical clinic there.

Thank you so much for being a member of the Compassion Club!

David Servant
Director, Heaven’s Family


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  • Carmen parise

    This is a very joyful outcome! God works in mighty ways through many branches. Continued followup with dedicated partners around the globe yields such successes. A really synergistic relationship: Donor – Heaven’s Family – Partner -Recipient, I like that.

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