Crushing COVID’s Casualties

03 Jun

A picture of Mary receiving seed and fertilizerThanks to you, Mary now has seed and fertilizer and hope for a bright future

Crushing COVID’s Casualties

You’ve lifted 150 families who were dying under COVID lockdowns

Dear Family,

Mary (not her real name) is a widow and rape victim with HIV who lives in Malawi. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, Mary often went to bed hungry. She felt her future was hopeless.

A few of the farmers participating in our Farming God’s Way program brought food to Mary and also told her about the hope of Jesus. Touched by their love, Mary decided not only to give her life to Jesus, but also to become a member of a God’s Love Group (that’s the name for our FGW small groups). The group members rallied around Mary to help her in her time of need and taught her how to farm.

Here is where you enter the story. Because you gave to Heaven’s Family’s Disaster Relief Ministry and provided COVID-19 relief, you equipped Mary (and 149 other families) with fertilizer and seed to start their own farms. Our partner in Malawi said this about Mary and these families:

Now, today they are in great happiness for God’s provision of fertilizer and seeds. They are experiencing God’s love and do not feel abandoned because of the virus. They are gathering weekly in God’s Love Group meetings, where they are praying together and studying God’s Word as well as going together into the fields to work as a team in the farms of their beloved friends. They are expecting to gain a great harvest which will help them to fight poverty and have enough food to meet their needs until next harvest.

Thank you for helping so many around the world!

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disaster Relief Ministry

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