Demonstrating the Love of Jesus Through Clean Water

22 Nov

Demonstrating the Love of Jesus Through Clean Water

A villager who is grateful to have clean water thanks to you!

Demonstrating the Love of Jesus Through Clean Water

Dear Family,

Haryana, India – Our partners in northern India are called to bring the gospel to northern Indian villages that have never heard of Jesus. This part of India is controlled by militant Hindu followers and India as a nation is rated as an extreme persecutor of believers. Many of these villages are impoverished and lack clean water to drink.

This particular village was suffering as they were in urgent need of clean water. Their old hand pump was polluted and the people were walking 1.5 miles to the next village for water.

Our ministry partners have an established church in this village and thanks to generous gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry we were able to drill a deep well to serve the whole village in the name of Jesus. Through this well, together with our ministry partners we were able to demonstrate love to those taught to hate Jesus.

The village was joyful to receive such an amazing gift …from Christians…from you who donate to the Safe Water Ministry!

One villager gave the following testimony when the well was opened: “I am so happy today that we have our own deep well in our village now. Old people like me often faced many challenges and biggest challenge was drinking water. I am from a Muslim background and recently I started going to this village church for prayer. I felt so much peace when I go there for prayer. We were having much troubles to carry drinking water from other villages. Our pastor and our believers used to pray for a well in our village. Now we thank Jesus for hearing our prayers and giving us this deep well. We are so happy. All our village people are happy today just because you solved our water problem. Thank you so much!”

Thank you for your generous gifts to the Safe Water Ministry! You are changing and saving lives and helping to soften hearts to further the kingdom. May all who come to this well come to know Jesus who is Living Water!

Image of the director of the Safe Water Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

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