Image of gospel being shared with deaf studentsJeni (center) writing down the gospel so Prashant (plaid shirt) can share the good news with these deaf students.

Ears To Hear

A chance meeting brings the gospel to deaf communities in Nepal

Dear Family,

Jeni is one of Heaven’s Family’s national missionaries in Nepal. One day while she was traveling in the city of Pokhara, she saw a man gesturing with his hands to communicate. She had never known any deaf people, nor had she ever seen someone communicating in sign language. In Nepal, deaf people are generally marginalized.

Jeni stopped and introduced herself by writing a note to Prashant, who could speak but could not hear. (He lost his hearing at age 10.)

As they communicated, Jeni felt burdened to share the gospel with the deaf community with Prashant’s help. When they met again a few days later, Jeni shared the gospel with him by writing it down on paper. Prashant did not receive Christ that day, but she continued to follow up with him.

Eventually, Prashant took her to the school where he teaches deaf students. While she again wrote down the gospel, he shared it with the children in sign language. After this, Jeni felt the need to learn sign language, so Prashant began teaching her. During that time, he also chose to follow Christ. Since then, He and Jeni have started a house church for the deaf in his home!

Jeni needs sponsors to continue her exciting ministry with deaf students. Would you consider becoming a monthly supporter? If you are interested, you can sponsor her here.

Please pray that the Lord would open doors for Jeni and Prashant to share the gospel in the other deaf schools with which he is connected in Nepal. May God grant all deaf students “ears to hear” and hearts to receive the good news!

Grace and peace,

Image of the director of the National Missionary Ministry

Jerry Jefferson
Director, National Missionary Ministry

Transform Lives Through the National Missionary Ministry

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