Unleashing Babies Increases Pace

15 Nov

Unleashing Babies Increases Pace

Suman, the daughter of a temple priest, is now telling everyone about Jesus after a miraculous healing

Unleashing Babies Increases Pace

Training Baby Christians to Multiply

Dear Family,

“If we go by this same speed and by the same strategies, how many years will it take to reach this nation (India)? It will take hundreds of years.” Pastor Thomas told his team. There are 4,000 unreached villages in his state alone. Pastor Thomas wants to reach everyone but realized his current strategy isn’t the fastest. He used to train people in Bible school for 4-6 years, then tell them to start a church. After 25 years Pastor Thomas is changing his strategy and moving toward Disciple Making Movements. He is training his church planters to equip new believers to make disciples. This training approach just started in July but we are already seeing its impact.

Jaswind is one of our National Missionaries. He is also one of Thomas’ church planters. Jaswind reported that there are many new people coming to his village church. He said, “The new people are coming because our new believers share their stories and lead them to faith.” Jaswind and his wife are training small groups in each village. He said, “This is so good and the response is awesome as they are leading their neighbors to faith.”

Another National Missionary, Vimal, reported the same thing happening in a different village. A woman named Suman came to faith because something amazing happened to her. She had severe stomach and back pain for years and couldn’t sleep for months due to her illness. Her suffering was well known in her community because her father is a temple priest. She went to many hospitals but they could not identify her sickness. Then she went to a few village magicians but got no results.

Vimal said, “No one could help her. At last, she came to our village church and we all prayed for her. God healed her… Since that day she slept well, it was a big miracle for her. Now her husband, children, and three other family members received the Lord when they saw this big change and deliverance in Suman.”

Vimal continued, “Now Suman is sharing her story with many people and leading them to faith. Last Sunday we had 11 new people in our village church, most of whom came because of hearing the deliverance in Suman’s life. They had all known her for many years. So it was a big opportunity for us to pray for all these new people and share about Jesus with them.”

I praise God for the work He is doing in India. But if we want 4,000 unreached villages to hear the gospel and experience its power like Suman, we need your help. I personally sponsor 3 NMM and I love getting their reports. You can also give a one-time or recurring gift here to help keep these missionaries and those around the world on the field.

Thank you for your time, prayer, commitment, and continued investment to take the Kingdom of God where it isn’t. God bless you.

Grace and Peace,

Jerry Jefferson
Director, National Missionary Ministry

P.S. Please pray that Suman’s father, the temple priest, would come to Christ.

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