Faithfulness in the Face of Persecution

05 Nov

Faithfulness in the Face of Persecution

Picture of a Sikh family who have become believers.
One of our national missionaries with members of a Sikh family who have become believers

Faithfulness in the Face of Persecution

How you’ve helped new believers stand firm for Jesus

Dear Family,

Jesus told his disciples to “love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Matt 5:44). Have you ever thought about how difficult it is to follow these words of Jesus when you’re actually being persecuted? Heaven’s Family-supported national missionaries in India live out this verse every day. They faithfully visit villages where they face opposition and pray for their persecutors. Those who come to faith through their message can also face heavy persecution.

Sachi is a strong witness in her village for Jesus but her husband strongly opposes her newfound faith. Last month he brought some of his extended family members into their home, and together they threatened her, telling her to quit worshiping Jesus and return to performing the family rituals. This month, her husband prevented her from attending Sunday prayer meetings. He left the house early Sunday morning, locked the door and gate, and took the keys with him, locking her inside! As a result, Sachi had no choice but to stay home and pray inside her room.

Jagan and his wife became believers last year. Their families keep trying to force them back into their previous religion and rituals. When Jagan and his wife said they would not give up their Christian faith, their families and other villagers started threatening them. Jagan works as an electrician, and now no one in the village will call on him for electrical work. If he cannot find sufficient work, this will affect his ability to provide for his family.

These are just two stories among many. Through Heaven’s Family’s National Missionary Ministry, you are helping believers, like Sachi and Jagan, by delivering food packets to their villages and others. Your gifts and prayers are helping believers in India stand firm in the face of persecution.

Thank you!

Picture of the director of the National Missionary

David Promise
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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