Picture of Lily a Chinese new believer.
Lily, previously a heavy smoker and drinker, has been transformed by the Good News of Jesus Christ.

New Life

A Chinese woman will never be the same after encountering Jesus

Dear Family,

Lily had a troubled life. A heavy smoker and drinker, divorced twice and now married for the third time, she experienced a powerful life transformation after a Chinese believer shared the gospel with her. The woman who shared her faith with Lily was a disciple of a missionary sent by Heaven’s Family’s National Missionary Ministry.

And what did she do after she heard the Good News? She shared it the next day with her sister and sister-in-law, who also believed in Christ. This ripple effect of disciples making disciples is how the gospel spreads most effectively in countries where Christians’ ability to express their faith openly is limited.

In the picture, you can see Lily wearing a cross necklace and holding a small audio Bible player that our national missionaries gave her. Audio Bible players are great tools to share the Word of God in closed countries or where people communicate primarily through oral languages.

The joy on Lily’s face shows the transformation that has happened in her heart! Even if countries like China try to stop the spread of Christianity, true disciples cannot help but share how Jesus has changed their lives.

Picture of the director of the National Missionary

David Promise
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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