Feeding the ‘Innocent’ for the Future

27 Nov

Feeding the ‘Innocent’ for the Future

Innocent enjoying a healthy lunch, thanks to you!

Feeding the ‘Innocent’ for the Future

Dear Family,

Njoro, Uganda – Our ministry partners have been called to serve here in Uganda doing much ministry with families, single moms and others in need, but especially they are serving the children.

For ten years they have directed three Christian schools. One at the main ministry campus and two others at nearby campuses. The children are always so excited to be at school. They learn to read and write and they learn about Jesus. Also, they look forward to receiving a nutritious meal every day at school thanks to your gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry.

Life is very difficult for many of these students’ families. Parents struggle to feed their children. Jobs are limited, low-paying and the economy remains extra-fragile since the recent COVID crisis.

By no fault of their own, these kids lack enough to eat, but by your gifts to the Food Ministry they are eating nourishing food at school.

Innocent is one of the kids who is benefitting from attending school and receiving these school lunches. His mother suffered a terrible ordeal and was separated from her family to receive medical treatment. The extended family was unable to sufficiently care for her two kids. Innocent, in the photo, and his brother were in total distress. They came to the school so hopeless and not willing to make friends. Now, Innocent and his brother are both doing very well. They are reading, writing, learning about the love of Jesus, and receiving healthy food.

Thank you for your gifts to the Food Ministry! You are taking action, investing in so many lives, and are helping kids to thrive even during hard times!

Image of the director of the Food Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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