Fingerless for Now

19 Oct

Image of victim of leprosy receiving aidMwanaasha, a victim of leprosy, with Peter and a package of food to help sustain her and her husband

Fingerless for Now

A leprosy victim finds relief and Jesus

Dear Family,

Mwanaasha Salim was born in 1956 in Kenya. Just as she reached her teenage years, she was diagnosed with leprosy. The consequences were shocking and tragic. She was rejected by everyone she knew—even by her family members who were supposed to love her the most.

Mwanaasha was dropped off at a leprosy colony to live in isolation for the rest of her days. The colony was called “Blessed Camp,” but at the time it seemed anything but blessed.

The disease took Mwanaasha’s foot, part of one leg, and all of her fingers. Mwanaasha’s only meaningful support came from a fellow resident of the colony whom she married.

But thanks to you, Mwanaasha’s story doesn’t end there. Thanks to your investments in Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry, our partner named Peter (pictured with Mwanaasha in the photo) started blessing residents of the leprosy colony with food and wound care. Mwanaasha and her husband were so happy to have food security, in the form of one consistently healthy meal a day—something that they could not be sure of previously!

Best of all, through Peter’s example, Mwanaasha learned that she wasn’t forgotten. She and her husband, both raised in Muslim families, learned about Jesus and surrendered their lives to Him. Now they have discovered the God who loves them. They look forward to their new bodies, which will include new fingers and feet, that Jesus has promised them!

Thank you so much for enabling Peter to show love to Mwanaasha and others at this leprosy colony!

Image of the director of the Leprosy Ministry

Elisabeth Walker

Director, Leprosy Ministry

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