Lepers Touched by Christmas Blessing

28 Jan

Lepers Touched by Christmas Blessing

Pastor meeting with a leper woman
Pastor Susant, Joab’s coworker, with a thankful rice recipient

Dear Friends,

The difficulty of everyday life for the lepers living as the lowest of outcasts on the edges of Hyderabad, India, is beyond our comprehension. Last month, however, they enjoyed a Christmas celebration filled with love, food, gifts and the honoring of our Lord’s birth. This blessing was presented by Heaven’s Family partner Pastor Lohara and his team, and made possible in part by generous gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Lepers Fund. This special outpouring not only blessed them with seasonal goodies, but also buoyed their spirits with the hope of our Savior.

Leper women receiving aid
It seemed as though some have forgotten how to smile

Afterwards, Pastor Lohara shared with us these words:

Sixty-six leprosy victims with thirty-four children showed up for the event. They were delighted to see the place decorated and Pastor Susant welcoming them to this special service. The children sang songs before the worship began for the whole congregation. After the service, the remaining time was devoted to fellowship and distribution of gifts we had for them: new clothes, blankets, rice, soap, oil, lintel, bananas and spicy biryani (rice mixed with minced meat) for every one. Children had an extra share of chocolates for them.Thanks for the generosity of Heaven’s Family. You have brought smiles on the faces of these outcast, marginalized, poor and helpless victims.

Children of lepers receiving love
On left, Pastor Susant gives gifts to some of the lepers’ children, and on right, Pastor Joab distributes clothing to the adults

Heaven’s Family is so pleased to be able to partner with this ministry, and has some very special plans to help the children of these families in the very near future. Be looking for an upcoming article in our magazine about this project. It is exciting to be a part of what the Lord is up to!

In His service with you,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry Fund

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