Long-Lasting Liberation

06 Apr

Small business training in Kenya
Over the course of two days, our Small Business Training covers topics such as what the Bible says about business, how to assess a small business, business plans, customer service and profit

Long-Lasting Liberation

Proclaiming freedom in an unlikely way

Greetings Family,

“That training has the potential to liberate Kenyans and Africans from the spirit of lack, poverty, and laziness…I am very sure that the Heaven’s Family team from the U.S. has brought a long-lasting liberation to many of us.” These were the words of Harun, our translator for our Small Business Training (SBT), presented in February by the Heaven’s Family Micro-Loan Ministry (MLM) team in Eldoret, Kenya.

Long-lasting liberation. As Christians, we know that only the Lord truly provides this, but He equips and uses His followers to go and proclaim His freedom. It is so important to ensure that the gospel is preached and that true freedom is experienced in relationship with our perfect, loving Father. But, you may be thinking, can biblical business training be used as a tool to liberate people from their bondage and reconcile them to their Father?

I can say with resounding confidence that it can, and I’m certain Harun agrees. I have seen it happen in the last two months alone. Once in a small, intimate training at a hotel in Denpasar, Indonesia, and the other in a crowded village church in Eldoret, Kenya. Two different continents, countries, cultures—but the same core curriculum, and the same results.

Over the course of the two-day training, entrepreneurs are taught to study the Bible in order to make wise business decisions to ensure their business is firmly founded in truth. They are challenged to examine their businesses’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; to capitalize on their opportunities; and to turn weaknesses into their strengths. They are encouraged to interact and participate in skits about customer service and selling on credit. They are provided examples of businesses and their related income, expense and profit, and then required to complete their own business plan. Finally, they are given advice on budgeting and the commandments related to successful business, such as having integrity in every transaction.

Through this biblical training and the power of the Holy Spirit, we are seeing lives and businesses changed and freedom occurring, without even mentioning the word “loan.” The attendees are given tools and encouraged to immediately apply the concepts they are learning in their businesses and in their personal lives. This often leads to financial organization, stewarding of resources, diversification into new lines of business, and added value to existing products.

Micro-Loan Ministry Training at a small church in Kenya
Dan teaching a group in Eldoret, Kenya, where over 150 people attended the training in this local village church

50 people holding certificates of completion after training
In Denpasar, Indonesia, about 50 people received a certificate of completion for our two-day training

Jenna Liberati teaching in Indonesia with translator
Nala, our micro-banker in Indonesia, translated the teaching into the local language. This was my (Jenna) first time attending and teaching at a SBT.

Over the last five years, the MLM team has conducted 23 SBTs attended by over 2,490 entrepreneurs from 9 countries. These business principles have successfully set the foundation for starting and growing existing small businesses. There is always demand for additional training, and in the future we plan to expand our curriculum under Terry Steward’s (MLM Education/Training Director) leadership. With the Lord’s guidance and help, we are praying that this biblical training will liberate thousands more!

Thank you for your prayerful support and your part in proclaiming freedom around the world!

Love in Christ,

Jenna Liberati
Financial Associate, Micro-loan Ministry

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