Manna for Muslims

A Muslim receiving his very own copy of the Bible (faces blurred for security purposes)

Manna for Muslims

The Word of God is feeding hungry spirits in the desert

Dear Friends,

Pastor Rahim is a Heaven’s Family partner and evangelist to his fellow countrymen. Twice a month he spends several days ministering to Muslims in areas near Yemen. For the past sixteen years Pastor Rahim has organized small, underground fellowships in Jordan, Syria and Iraq. The pastor reports that at least 30% of the Muslims he has seen come to the Lord did so after receiving a copy of the Bible. Consequently, Rahim does what he can to get Bibles into the hands of hungry Muslims.

Here are two testimonies Pastor Rahim has shared with us, testifying to the power of God’s Word:

We had one experience in a small village in the desert. A man got very angry with us when we offer a Bible for him. He was shouting and strongly threaten us. We were a bit afraid but we continue there. The next day this guy came behind us. He was in tears. He had a dream which he saw a man in white clothes. This man in his dream told him that some visitors will bring a book for him. He should receive it and read it. He came begging a Bible from us. God is wonderful.

One guy we approached with a Bible started to cry. We asked him what’s happening? He said that for the last 3 years he was reading the Bible through the internet but he was praying for a printed Bible. He said I just prayed today in the morning “Lord, give a Bible,” and now you don’t know me and you offer me a Bible. “What amazing God we have,” was his final words.

One of Pastor Rahim’s fellowships in Oman

God is speaking to the Muslim people through prayers, dreams and His Word—it’s like manna for the spiritually hungry! Thank you for participating in the Strategic Bibles Ministry.


Peter Wray
Director, Strategic Bibles Ministry

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