Meet Me at the Kiosk

05 Aug

Image of dad in Rwanda with safe waterPascal, who teaches at the school, and his two daughters, who are students there. He takes home three jerry cans of water a day to his family. Pascal and his kids used to get sick frequently because of drinking dirty water, but they had no other option. He says, “Thank you! I am saving so much money and my kids are healthy! We are so happy and grateful for this gift of clean water.”

Meet Me at the Kiosk

A clean water source heals bodies and opens spiritual doors

Dear Family,

In Rwanda, as the accompanying photos show, the beautiful water kiosk that you made possible is delivering clean and abundant water, pumped from the deep well you helped to drill.

The impoverished villagers of this community used to suffer greatly from drinking dirty water. But now the frequent illnesses and the children missing school while on long walks to fetch water are things of the past. You have changed that.

Now, adults and students alike can come and fill their containers with clean water, right in their town, whenver they want to. The community is enjoying far better health, and when school is not in session, many come to Bible studies and Christian programs supported by the school and can collect their water at the same time.

Your gifts to the Heaven’s Family Safe Water Ministry are making a major difference in so many lives.

Image of mom in Rwanda with safe waterFrancine with her daughter, who is a student at the school. Fran works two days a week at the school. She takes home four jerry cans per week of clean water. Previously, they had to travel a long way and pay money just to get dirty water! Now, every time she works, she carries home fresh, clean water for free.

We pray that all who receive water here will also receive Jesus, who is the Living Water. Thank you!!

Image of the director of the Safe Water Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Safe Water Ministry

Help Provide Safe Water

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