Minister of Mercy

13 Jul

Picture of Monique with leprosy patient
Monique, at right, as she tries to offer comfort to a leprosy patient needing care for her feet

Minister of Mercy

What one woman is doing to comfort leprosy victims in DR Congo

Dear Family,

To learn that leprosy is alive and thriving in DR Congo was not a surprise to me this year. So much sorrow and wickedness seem to flourish there, including civil unrest, corruption, rape and crime, that the prevalence of this dreaded disease appears to be just one more curse.

The desperate plight of these victims of leprosy was brought to my attention recently by Monique, who sent me a photograph of one woman in particular whose image was worth a thousand words. Monique has been a faithful Heaven’s Family-supported prison chaplain whose life is a beautiful example of the Lord’s mercy; according to her huge heart of compassion, she has also been working hard to comfort this small community of leprosy-afflicted individuals in and around Goma, DR Congo.

Picture of leprosy-ravaged foot
Untreated leprosy ravaged this poor woman’s heel and toes

But praise the Lord, just this month the Leprosy Ministry began funding Monique’s ministry of assisting these patients, providing them with food, medical care, transportation, and even prostheses if needed in the future. We are very optimistic that, by next month, we will be able to see some smiles as these survivors experience the care made possible by “ministers of mercy” around the world whose hearts fill with the love of Christ whenever they look at these precious patients.

Please stay tuned as God sees to it that your concern turns into tangible acts of kindness through the efforts of our friend and partner, Monique. May God richly bless those of you who have given to the Leprosy Ministry, making possible this work of love.

With a grateful heart as we work together in Christ,

Carole Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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