Picture of baptism in Nepal
Sister J. at right (face blocked for security reasons) with a group of fresh disciples during baptism

Mountain Mover

You’ve helped advance Jesus’ kingdom in the Himalayas

Dear Family,

A few years ago, Jesus found Sister J. She experienced His miraculous healing in her family, and even more wonderfully she came to know the redemptive power of the cross in her own life of turmoil. Soon the call of God was upon her life and she wanted nothing more than to serve Jesus and reach her Muslim neighbors with the hope of eternal salvation.

Early on, Sister J. traveled to Pakistan, where she had heard about a ministry that was seeing many Muslim families come to faith in Christ. There she was discipled and trained by another disciple maker, who helped her launch house churches for Muslim-background believers in Nepal. God used Sister J. to train and disciple many former Muslims and Hindus.

One of the most resistant groups in Nepal was the Tibetan tribal people—located in the Himalaya Mountains, among the Sherpa people. These tribes were largely untouched by the message of Jesus Christ. Sister J. couldn’t shake the divine burden to reach those whom no one else was reaching.

These unreached mountain people became Sister J.’s new passion and targeted harvest field. Soon she was making exploratory trips, always sharing her infectious smile and message of Christ’s radical transformation in her own life. Right before COVID-19, the first converts were spiritually born and Sister J. formed new discipleship clusters. Already, simple house churches are beginning to spring up.

Your support and prayers make you a true partner in this amazing story of God’s grace and mercy for all peoples, languages, tribes, and nations. Thank you for being a part of Heaven’s Family’s Disciple Multiplication Ministry.

David Promise
Director of Ministry Partnerships, Disciple Multiplication Ministry

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