Reinforced Dedication

Picture of missionary in Kenya
Me with one of our dedicated missionaries in Kenya that you help support

Reinforced Dedication

You’ve helped missionaries feed their families while spreading the gospel

Dear Family,

Over my decades of involvement in evangelistic and discipleship ministry in dozens of unreached nations, I have become absolutely convinced that the most efficient and cost-effective way to respond to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit globally and the unprecedented growth of the church in many parts of the world is through national missionaries. They already know the language, understand the culture, and can live comfortably at the local cost of living. What an incredible kingdom bargain for all of us who are passionate about reaching the lost!

Recently, I traveled to Kenya to meet with some of the missionaries you’ve empowered through Heaven’s Family’s National Missionary Ministry.

One of the missionaries said that when he started in ministry, he was always torn over the thought of leaving home and preaching the gospel, because his family didn’t have enough money to keep food on the table. With tears in his eyes, he explained that your kingdom investment in him had totally transformed his life, his family, and his marriage. Not only are you enabling the gospel to be preached, you’re also helping to take care of the missionaries’ families who remain at home.

This year we are encountering so many exciting opportunities. Please pray with us that more sponsors will be raised up. We have new open doors in India, Cuba, Nepal, Russia, Turkey … and several other possibilities.

Thank you for sending these men and women of God to take the gospel to new regions!

David Promise
Director, National Missionary Ministry

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